Medical - Intensive Air Care


Private Air Ambulance

IAC is a complete bedside-to-bedside, non-emergency, and critical care Air Ambulance service throughout the United States, Canada and The Bahamas. The safest travel option for patients unable to board a commercial flight is air ambulance and at IAC we provide all types of medical air transport services that are designed to suit your needs. Our Air Ambulance aircrew consists of Part 135 ATP certified professional aviators that are trained annually to ensure safety and preciseness throughout every step of the medical flight.

Each critical care air ambulance flight is fully equipped with state-of-the-art mobile ICU medical equipment along with highly qualified and specialized medical personnel to care for the patient's medical needs. With our expert medical staff, state-of-the-art aircraft, and experienced pilots, our air ambulance company ensures that your loved one is in the most capable hands during his or her medical air transport.

Non-Emergency Medical Transport

Non-emergency medical transport allows patients who may be unable to travel conventionally due to medical conditions to travel safely from one location to another. Sometimes, patients who are stable, but are otherwise unable to travel by conventional means are required to use non-emergency medical transportation due to oxygen requirements, mobility issues or for ease and comfort.

For instance, a patient may live in Destin, Florida and need to see an oncologist in Houston at MD Anderson. The drive may be too long for the patient and a commercial flight may be too stressful, so we offer an alternative means of transportation – non-emergency medical transport services.

Organ Transplant Transport

Another service that IAC provides is organ procurement and transplant. By offering air services to transplant facilities and Organ Procurement Organizations, we provide a seamless and efficient process for this time sensitive sector. Since we operate around the clock, you will be able to count on us when an organ becomes available. As organ retrieval requires an immediate response, we recommend that you contact us prior to the transfer to discuss availability, payment arrangements, and other details. We Can be ready to pick up an organ recipient or transplant team at a moment’s notice and transfer them to their destination. It is a good idea to compile a list of air transport companies ahead of time to determine which will respond in the shortest time possible.

Private Air Charter

In addition to our air ambulance services, Intensive Air Care Charter Air division provides air charter service anywhere in the world. Our executive travelers have enjoyed the selective variety of the aircraft offered to fit all of their needs.

Travel in total privacy, security, and comfort. When utilizing our charter services, you may set your own departure schedule at any time of the day and arrive to your destination relaxed and comfortable. Each charter flight is monitored by our 24-hour dispatch center.

Our Executive Flight Department provides a complete package to ensure a worry free service for your executive air charter transport. Our concierge service will complement your flight with ground transportation, such as limousine service at both ends of the flight when required. To ensure smooth and comfortable experience for all passengers, we may facilitate your hotel accommodations and assist in any other traveling needs.